“Tea Party” Tax Protestors Attempt To Explain Their Issues With Obama’s Policies

On April 15th, tax day, Tea Partiers from around the country gathered in Washington, D.C to protest egregious tax increases, or so they perceived. The website, New Left Media, decided to go and interview some of the protesters. Their answers will leave you dumbfounded.

And if you still don’t believe Obama issued tax cuts for 95% of working families worth $300 billion in 2009, here are the facts from Citizens for Tax Justice.

New Left Media does a great job portraying the Tea Partiers (not all of them of course, obviously a few interviewees do not speak for the entire Tea Party movement) , Sarah Palin supporters, and Fox News viewers (you know fair and balanced) as the misinformed, which, as you can see from the video, is true.

Here is another video via New Left Media, from a Sarah Palin book signing November of 2009.

And here from the March 18th rally in Washington, D.C via New Left Media.

As you can see the interviewees used a lot of Fox News talking points and misinformation. They have no idea what is in the Health Care Reform bill (already signed into law), or any other issues affecting our country today, and they even admit it! New Left Media asked a protester, “where do you get your information from?” Protester responded, ” Fox News!” I cannot help but laugh when I watch these videos. Americans need to become more informed. I am not one bit scared of the Tea Party come November, neither should you.

I honestly don’t know what influenced these people to get up off the couch and protest. While Bush was in office he was creating a deficit, enlarging the government, creating huge entitlement programs, sending our country into war under false pretenses (Iraq), and committing war crimes (torture is a war crime, both internationally and nationally). Could it be people were employed under Bush? Could it be they are upset about an African-American being president now? Or did they finally wake up to what was/is really happening in our country? What woke the sleeping “giant”?

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