Democrats attempt to rein in insurance rates

Los Angeles Times reporting:

Congressional Democrats have begun pushing legislation giving government regulators greater authority to block big increases in health insurance premiums, kicking off what is expected to be a years-long process of revising and expanding their major healthcare overhaul.

The move, which comes less than a month after President Obama signed the healthcare legislation, is aimed at giving all states the power to stop premium hikes deemed excessive and allowing the federal government to step in if the states don’t act.

But why do they need to have this amendment? Because the bill isn’t strong enough!!! Efforts at bi-partisanship were really worth it, right Democrats?

The health care reform bill passed by Congress last month requires insurers to explain “unreasonable” premium increases but otherwise does not provide for federal regulation of insurance rates. The Feinstein plan would allow the federal government to step in. (via Politics Daily)

This will definitely strengthening the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, which still needs a lot of strengthening. Republicans should actually like this amendment,enough to vote for it,  if it comes to a vote, because it gives states the power to regulate price increases not the federal government. I still believe the best way to keep health care cost down is a strong public option or an option to buy into Medicare at any age. Hopefully, a public option amendment will come to a vote in the near future. But, knowing how D.C works it will take another 50 years.

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