At Least Someone is Speaking Out Against Presidential Assassination Programs

Can you guess who that someone is? I know you can. Just think back to the Presidential campaign….Did you think? Well, I am tired of waiting. The someone who is speaking out against President Obama’s assassination program is Ohio Representative Dennis Kucinich. If you remember, his Presidential campaign consisted of speaking out against the wars, impeaching Bush/Cheney, and adhering to the Constitution no matter what the circumstances were.

During an interview with Jeremy Scahill, of The Nation, Representative Kucinich said, “I don’t support it–period,” and “I think people in both parties that are concerned about the Constitution should be speaking out on this. I can’t account for what anyone else doesn’t do.” Representative Kucinich added:

“There’s always the possibility of blowback, which could endanger high-ranking US officials. There’s the inevitable licensing of rogue groups that comes about from policies that are not strictly controlled and that get sloppy–so you have zero accountability. And that’s not even to get into an over-arching issue of the morality of assassination policies, which are extra-constitutional, extra-judicial. It’s very dangerous from every possible perspective.”

“The assassination policies vitiate the presumption of innocence and the government then becomes the investigator, policeman, prosecutor, judge, jury, executioner all in one. That raises the greatest questions with respect to our constitution and our democratic way of life.”

Scahill writes:

Targeted killings are not a new Obama administration policy. Beginning three days after his swearing in, President Obama has authorized scores of lethal drone strikes, including against specific individuals, in Pakistan and Afghanistan, surpassing the Bush era numbers. The elite Joint Special Operations Command maintains a list of individuals, including US citizens, which it is authorized to assassinate. In January, Dana Priest reported in the Washington Post that the CIA had US citizens on an assassination list, but thePost later ran a correction stating that only JSOC had “a target list that includes several Americans.” The policy of the CIA targeting al-Awlaki, a US citizen, for assassination, therefore, appeared to be a new development, at least in terms of public awareness of approved government assassinations

I thought Obama was going to follow the rule of law the US was built on. The rule of law that supposedly makes the US ‘better’ than other countries. What happen to that Obama?

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