Who are the real “crazies” in our political culture?

Have you ever really taken the time to answer this question?

Have you ever held a conversation with someone and as soon as someone mentions a political party, such as libertarian, that someone calls that political view ‘crazy’ because it is not a mainstream view-point from either the Republicans or Democrats? I know I have. The real question to ask, though, is whether the libertarian view is actually the ‘crazy’ political view. In all honesty, I used to think it was the craziest of all political views. But after months of reading libertarian writers, I found myself agreeing with the libertarian view-point more and more. It has and will always be easier for people to choose which mainstream view-point they agree with since mainstream view points are the focus of your nightly news cast. Therefore, someone like Ron Paul, a libertarian, will be the focus of the ‘crazy’ talk, even though on many occasions, he has voted and spoken out against ‘crazy’ policies such as the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, indefinite detention, presidential assassinations of American citizens, and so on. While Ron Paul is being scrutinized for his views, Democrats and Republicans, are sitting on the sidelines implementing policies which go against everything our country stands for-the rule of law, equal rights, and freedom.

Glenn Greenwald, blogger for Salon.com, has as always, great analyses of  who the real crazies are in our political culture. Greenwald writes:

One of the favorite self-affirming pastimes of establishment Democratic and Republican pundits is to mock anyone and everyone outside of the two-party mainstream as crazy, sick lunatics.  That serves to bolster the two political parties as the sole arbiters of what is acceptable:  anyone who meaningfully deviates from their orthodoxies are, by definition, fringe, crazy losers.  Ron Paul is one of those most frequently smeared in that fashion, and even someone like Howard Dean, during those times when he stepped outside of mainstream orthodoxy, was similarlysmeared as literally insane, and still is……..

The crazed monster Ron Paul also opposes the war in Afghanistan, while the Democratic Congress continues to fund it and even to reject timetables for withdrawal.  Paul is an outspoken opponent of the nation’s insane, devastating and oppressive “drug war” — that imprisons hundreds of thousands of Americans with a vastly disparate racial impact and continuously incinerates both billions of dollars and an array of basic liberties — while virtually no Democrat dares speak against it.  Paul crusades against limitless corporate control of government and extreme Federal Reserve secrecy, while the current administration works to preserve it.  He was warning of the collapsing dollar and housing bubble at a time when our Nation’s Bipartisan Cast of Geniuses were oblivious.  In sum, behold the embodiment of clinical, certifiable insanity:  anti-DADT, anti-Iraq-war, anti-illegal-domestic-surveillance, anti-drug-war, anti-secrecy, anti-corporatism, anti-telecom-immunity, anti-war-in-Afghanistan.

There’s no question that Ron Paul holds some views that are wrong, irrational and even odious.  But that’s true for just about every single politician in both major political parties (just look at the condition of the U.S. if you doubt that; and note how Ron Paul’s anti-abortion views render him an Untouchable for progressives while Harry Reid’s anti-abortion views permit him to be a Progressive hero and even Senate Majority Leader).

Greenwald end his post writing:

The reason the U.S. is in the shape it’s in isn’t because Ron Paul and the rest of the so-called “crazies” have been in charge; they haven’t been, at all.  The policies that have prevailed are the ones which the two parties have endorsed.  So where does the real craziness lie?

I think it is time to change the way our political system works. It is time to move away from the two-party status quo system. I wonder what the U.S would be like if congress consisted of multiple political viewpoints, not just Republican or Democrat?

Glenn Greenwald is a must read.

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