Administration issues revised moratorium on offshore drilling

via Washington Post

The six-month moratorium announced in May in the wake of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill barred drilling in waters more than 500 feet deep.

The moratorium announced Monday doesn’t mention water depths, but it bars drilling by the types of rigs and drilling technology typically used in those waters.

Interior Secretary Ken Salazar said Monday that he was suspending drilling done using undersea blowout preventers or blowout preventers used on top of floating rigs. Such rigs are used in deep water, while rigs in shallower water are able to stand on legs reaching the sea floor. Salazar said the suspension would last until Nov. 30, the expiration date of the original moratorium.As with the previous moratorium order, Salazar said that the suspension was needed “to ensure that drilling activity undertaken on the nation’s Outer Continental Shelf is conducted in a manner that is safe for workers, coastal communities and the environment.”

Reactions to the new moratorium order split along the same lines as previously, with environmental groups praising the move and drilling advocates condemning it.

It amazes me that it takes a disaster, like the one in the Gulf Coast, for the government to step in. If they were doing their job, as regulators, there would be a lot less people hurt. I will say it again, get the money out of politics.

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