Prosecution of whistle-blowers

Blogger Glenn Greenwald, of, had a great blog post on the motive and irony behind the government’s whistle-blowers prosecutions. Although the government claims they are prosecuting these whistle-blowers to protect our country’s national security, the main reason, according to Greenwald, is to save-face. The government doesn’t want to be embarrassed, they don’t want their citizens to be informed of their illegal activity, such as torture. They want to increase government secrecy while diminishing the privacy of the citizens.

Glenn Greenwald writes:

The reason Iceland is poised to enact an unprecedentedly potent shield for whistle blowers and other leakers is that they realized that the oozing elite corruption that led to their financial collapse was caused by rampant secrecy.  They realized that unauthorized leaks are the most effective check against the crimes of the powerful, which is precisely why such leaks in the U.S. are targeted with such a fury.  What possible valid reason is there to keep classified that Apache attack video, or evidence of our civilian casualties in Afghanistan, or massive private contractor corruption at the NSA, or Bush crimes on torture and eavesdropping, or the lending programs of the Fed?  The real criminals are not those who are leaking embarrassing information about corruption and wrongdoing — those whom the Obama DOJ is prosecuting with an unprecedented vengeance — but rather the political officials who are misusing powers of secrecy to hide information for which there is no legitimate secrecy basis.

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