In Government, You Fail Up

What happens if you fail at doing your job?  Do you a.) get fired, suspended or reprimanded, b.) get a raise, or c.) nothing at all? Well since we are talking about a job in the real world it would be a safe beat to choose A or C, not B.

But what happens if you are a government agency and fail at your job?

For example, the SEC–charged with overseeing publicly traded companies and protecting investors from fraud–failing to catch the fraud being done inside of Enron, and most recently failing to foresee the economic collapse–I guess they were watching too much porn.

What do you think happened after it was discovered the SEC failed at their job? The following via AOLnews:

And, true to form, the SEC saw itself handsomely rewarded for failure — with its budget climbing from $370 million in 2000 to more than $619 million by 2003.


Today as a result, the SEC is now resting comfortably on a $960 million budget.

With the release of Top Secret America (I urge you to read Top Secret America.), an investigative report by Dana Priest of the Washington Post, a lot of talk has been about the bloated National Security State. And rightly so. The following via AOLnews:

Spending on homeland security went from $17.6 billion the year of the 9/11 attacks to $32 billion the year after. In 2011, Obama wants to spend $54.7 billion protecting the homeland. For those math challenged, that’s a 211 percent increase from the pre-9/11 days.

In closing:

How about if, instead of throwing good money after bad, we tried this approach next time a government agency completely fails at its main job: cut the budget, cut the workforce and bring in new leaders who tell the remaining employees that they’ll get the same, but good, if they ever screw up like that again.

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